CritiView” (CRV) – CritiSense first generation product is a patient monitoring system providing real-time continuous information via four physiological parameters, sensed at the tissue level, reflecting the patient’s systemic metabolic state.

CritiView is a adjunctive bedside patient monitoring device to be applied in intensive care, operating suits and emergency care settings, providing:

a. Early identification / warning of the body’s critical metabolic imbalances or tissue viability of a patient
b. A sensitive therapy titration tissue based monitor and as end point of resuscitation.

CritiView illuminates tissue by low power light and detects light that is subsequently emitted from the tissue. The light is guided to the tissue by a bundle of flexible optical fibers and emitted from the tissue both by reflection and fluorescence.The emitted light from the tissue is analyzed by various detectors and the signals are transferred tothe monitor’s central processing unit .

The CritiView device consists of three components:.

1. Main unit: containes the light sources, optical detectors and the main signal processing components.
2. Monitor unit: displays the tissue monitored parameters and contains the CritiView operating user interface.
3. Probe accessory: containes the optical sensing flexible fiber bundle, connected to the main unit through an optical connector. The probe is integrated into an adapted 3 way urinary (Foley) catheter.


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